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Rachmaninoff Vespers



Bishop Kallistos Ware has a profound chapter on "The Mystery of Death and Resurrection"

in his book entitled:  The Inner Kingdom.   


The chapter ends with this story:


      Two weeks before his death, the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams was asked

       what the future life meant to him.  "Music," he said, "music. 

       But in the next world I shan't be doing music,

       with all the striving and disappointments, I shall be living it." 


"You are the music, while the music lasts," says T. S Eliot.  And in heaven, the music lasts forever.


                                 Perhaps one of these selections may touch a sacred place within your heart...                                                       


2 Cellos Benedictus - Hauser in Zagreb
Sacred Treasures III
2 Cellos Benedictus - Hauser in Zagreb
Schubert - Serenade




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In light of the events related  to the COVID-19 virus and for the health

and safety of all our employees,

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 MASKS  are to be worn by all during Mausoleum Chapel Services.


     Maximum number of attendees for committal services is 25.



     Mausoleum remains closed except for Families of loved ones entombed there.



     Office Hours are LIMITED to AT-NEED Funeral/Burials and essential business.


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