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Byzantine Prayer for the Deceased

(Attributed to St. John Chrysostom)


O God of Spirits, and of all flesh, You trampled death, and broke the power of Satan, and granted life to Your world.Now grant rest, O Lord to the soul of Your servant, N., in a place of light, joy, and peace, where there is no pain, sorrow, nor mourning.  As a kind and gracious God, forgive every sin committed by him (her) in word, deed, or thought, since there is no person who exists and does not sin.  You alone are without sin, Your justice is everlasting justice, and Your word is the truth.For You are the resurrection, the life, and the repose of Your departed servant, N., O Christ our God, and we glorify You together with Your eternal Father, and Your all-holy, gracious, and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and forever.  Amen.

From Funeral Hymns of Farewell


O Mother of the Never-setting Sun, who gave birth to God, save those who trust in You.  We beseech you, intercede through your prayers before the most gracious God to commit the departed to the abode where the souls of the just repose.  O ever-immaculate, present her (him) in the court of the Saints as an heir to the treasure of heaven, and for eternal memory.  Amen.

From the Last Prayer of St. Macrina


"O Lord, You have delivered us from the fear of death.

You have made the end of our earthly life,

the beginning of a new life for us.

For a time You give rest to our bodies in a sleep,

but You will awaken us again with the last trumpet (1Cor. 15:52)

The dust from which You have fashioned us with Your hands,

will return back to the earth for safekeeping,

but You will recall it again to life after reshaping it

with incorruptibility and grace.

Prayers from Panachida Service


With the souls of the just brought to perfection,

give rest, O Savior, to the soul of Your servant, 

keeping him (her) for the blessed life with You. for You love us all.

In Your place of rest, O Lord, where all Your saints repose,

give rest to the soul of Your servant,

for You alone love us all.


Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

You are the God who descended into Hades

and loosed the bonds of those imprisoned there.


Now, O Savior, give rest the the soul of Your servant.

Now and ever and forever.  Amen

Virgin, uniquely pure and immaculate, without seed

you gave birth to God.

Intercede for the salvation of Your servant.



Prayer for the Dead


God of all consolation,

in your unendng love and mercy for us

You turn the darkness of death

into the dawn of new life.

Show compassion to your people in their sorrow.

Be our refuge and our strength

to lift us from the darkness of this grief

to the peace and light of Your presence.


Your son, Our Lord Jesus Christ,

by dying for us, conquered death

and by rising again, restored life.


May we then go forward eagerly to meet Him, 

and after our life on earth

be reunited with our brothers and sisters

where every tear will be wiped away.  Amen.


Prayer When Visiting a Cemetery


Almighty God,

through the death of  your Son on the cross

You destroyed our death;

through His rest in the tomb

You made holy the graves of all who believe in You;

and through His rising again to  eternal life,

You restored us to eternal life.


God of the living and the dead,

accept our prayers

for those who have died in Christ

and are buried with Him in the hope of rising again.

Since they were true to Your name on earth,

let them glorify You for ever in the joy of heaven. Amen.


Prayer for the Dead


Loving and merciful God,

we entrust our brother (sister) to your mercy.

You loved him greatly in this life;

now that he is freed from all its cares,

give him happiness and peace forever.


The old order has passed away;

welcome her now into paradise

where there will be no more sorrow,


No more weeping or pain,

but only peace and joy

with Jesus, your Son,

and the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever.


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