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Mt. St. Macrina Cemetery

Mt. St. Macrina Cemetery Photos

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Pillgrimage Cemetery Scenes

Pilgrimage Cemetery Scenes - 06/30/20

Parastas Service scenes from Saturday evening Pilgrimages

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Cemeteries in Slovakia

Cemeteries in Slovakia - 10/18/20

Flowers and vigil lamps light up the villages of Slovakia the First of November.   All deceased loved ones are remembered by the faithful.

Scenes are from the villages of Porach, Secovce, and Smizany.

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The Veterans presence for  Military farewell services  provides a deep dimension of remembrance and thanksgiving for those who have nobly served our Country. 

Our Local AMVets 103 often conduct these dignified and respectful ceremonies.

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Mt. St. Macrina Cemetery in Winter

Mt. St. Macrina Cemetery in Winter - 10/18/20

Snow transforms everything into a world of complete peace and tranquility.

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Resurrection Garden Columbarium

Resurrection Garden Columbarium Installatiton - 11/13/20

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Cemetery Events

Cemetery Events

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Mausoleum Interior and Exterior Views of the Wall Crypts

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