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Father George D. Gallaro, is the archbishop secretary of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches in Rome.  Before being called to the episcopacy, as a priest he served the Melkite, Ukrainian, Romanian and Ruthenian faithful of the United States of America.






I Am Making Everything New (Revelation 21:5)


In the book of Qoelet or Ecclesiastes the sacred writer makes King Solomon concluding his thought with disappointments and hopes.  After the bitter affirmations about this world, "Vanity of Vanities!  All is vanity", he also says to each one of us:  "Respect and obey God!  This is what life is all about.  God will judge everything we do, even what is done in secret, whether good or bad."


At His judgment God will judge all of our works, all of them.  Every open and secret deed, every deed done in knowledge or ignorance; everything, be it good or bad, will God reveal and render justice (Qoelet 12:13-14).


Let us think therefore, in a christian way upon all these things.  Every tick of the clock pushes us gently, but firmly, toward the glorious and fearful day of the Coming of the Lord.  All the bright days as clear rivers and all of the dark nights as unclear rivers separate the canyons and the abysses of existence and guide us toward that day.  The myriads of days are directed toward that brilliant and glorious day of the Lord.  As the years and the centuries pass one after the other; through the changes and transformations of the present age; world and people - everyone and everything - are all heading in one direction: toward that day.


Thus, the hours, the days, the years, the centuries race, pass by and present us to the ages of ages, the ineffable eternity, which will never pass away, for it has no end!  This is what the holy Fathers and Mothers, made wise by God, advise each one of us:  "If you have time, do not wait for an opportunity!"  After all, how can we forget this!?  The elders walk toward death, but death comes to the ...young!"


Let us struggle to live with the fear of God honoring Him while we live as strangers here on earth (1Peter 1:1-7).  If we live decent and honest lives in this world, we are filled with hope, as we wait for the glorious return of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ (Titus 2:13).





O Lord, our God, who are good and full of love for all mankind:

Give rest to our departed servants in the mansions of the just,

and keep us, here on earth, free of sin, enabling us

to lead a truly christian life to the end of our days.


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