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Mt. St. Macrina Cemetery Decorations Policy


Catholic cemeteries are holy places of prayer and remembrance.  Every grave is a sacred resting place for the mortal remains of those interred there.   The Church honors the custom of families and friends expressing love and honor for their departed loved ones by decorating graves.  All items placed at the burial place are not only a reflection of the individual buried there, but also make a statement about the cemetery and our faith. 


  • must not create a safety hazard for workers and/or visitors;
  • infringe on other graves; and/or be offensive to others;
  • diminish the Catholic character of the Cemetery.



  • planting of flowers, shrubs, or trees by lot owner;
  • potential safety hazards such as: glass, wires, shepherd hooks, gravel, bricks, stones, rocks, plastic items, bottles, cans, toys, plaques, & wood;  These items are potentially dangerous hazards to ground maintenance personnel while mowing , & weed whacking around grave monuments and markers.  If hit, these items are poweful projectiles that could injure workers & Cemetery visitors.     
  •  (Directives from the National Catholic Cemeteries Association - Legal Department)
  • balloons;  (exceptions only for birthday remembrance of infants, children & teens;  Please remove within a week.)
  • multiple artificial floral arrangements which become weathered & unsightly;
  • vigil glass lamps crack, deteriorate over time;  Please do not replace them.  (one sturdy small solar light, 6" to 8"placed     alongside monument is preferable and safer)
  • walking pets, riding bicycles, skateboards, rollerblading, littering.


  • cut flowers secured in flower holders & vase attached to, or alongside monument or gravemarker; (remove within two weeks)
  • potted plants on Easter, Mothers' & Fathers' Day, Anniversaries, Memorial Day weekend; ( remove within  month of placement)
  • artificial flowers permitted if secured in monument vase or secured against  gravemarker; (Cemetery is subject to high winds, on-going visits by deer, turkeys, Canadian geese and other wildlife. Turkeys have been spotted feasting on straw floral fixtures.)
  • Christmas wreaths, arrangements may be placed beginning Thanksgiving weekend.  They will be removed around the first week of February if not removed by owners.


  •  Mt. St. Macrina Cemetery cannot assume responsibility for broken, lost items, whether by nature, or illegal act.
  •  All items collected or removed at specifie Clean-up times or in violation of the above regulations will be discarded.

CEMETERY HOURS:      SUNRISE TO SUNSET to insure Safety an Security. 

          Exercise caution walking in the event of uneven land formations.   Mt. St. Macrina Cemetery cannot accept liability.   


             The Sisters of St. Basil the Great thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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